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Why Practice clean yoga?

We only live once, so we need to live the best life possible!  By living clean, eating clean, and practicing the cleansing practice of yoga I believe you will live the best life possible. If we don’t have our health we have nothing.

I truly believe we all need to incorporate yoga into our daily lives to have ultimate health. Yoga on the mat is one type of yoga that we need daily and yoga off the mat is another. Practicing yoga on the mat helps the body stay fluid, improves flexibility, lubricates the joints, improves muscle and bone strength, increases lung capacity, brings nutrients to the spinal column, helps blood circulation by bringing more oxygen to the cells, helps the lymphatic system, and centers the mind, body and spirit. The benefits are endless.

Yoga, off the mat, is living a mindful, present and grateful life. How you fill your day are the choices you make. Filling your life with pure things that have purpose, meaning and contribute to a healthy life will make your life richer and more delicious.

What is it that truly makes you happy? It can be anything. Are you doing this daily? It is time to start doing what you love and doing it each day. It’s time to stop waiting for things to happen and instead, make them happen. You are a free person who has the choice to do anything, it’s just a matter of going out and doing it. There are no limitations.

If there is something in your life you don’t like, change it!  Having gratitude each day in all of your daily activities is yoga. I enjoy cooking, eating healthy, being outdoors, cycling, traveling, spending quality time with my boys and with family and friends. I love being active in every way. Staying present, having gratitude, living mindfully, enjoying each moment and creating a stress free environment is yoga. Filling your life with healthy, positive, things is yoga. Let’s live life to its fullest. Love life.

My yoga classes!

The philosophy of Yoga is very broad but all philosophies connect the mind, body and spirit. Being present in our lives, growing and evolving in every situation is yoga. I try to encourage my clients to connect with their presence during a yoga class and continue with this presence off the mat – finding their own stillness within the madness of life. A good way to stay present is connecting with the breath. During my yoga practice I always try to connect my breath with my movement; this helps my focus and attention. I guide my class to move with their breath, hold postures but bring focus to their breath and relate the flow of a practice to the flow of life. A smooth flow of breath as you move through a vinyasa and a steady balanced breath while holding a posture, relates to life when it is easy and things just flow. When a posture becomes difficult and breath becomes restricted, we try to find a way to bring the balance back to the breath, whether it’s coming out of the posture or finding a stillness while in the difficult pose. Relating this to difficult situations in life and how we deal with them; by connecting and relating the practice of yoga on the mat to life off of the mat is what my classes are focused on.

Professional edge

My specialty is working with athletes, youth and professional.  I believe that a GREAT athlete needs to incorporate yoga into their training program to get to the next level.   I have worked with numerous professional athletes and teams and expanding into Ottawa is where my focus is.  I look forward to working with you or your team.

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