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Thank you for your interest and welcome!

I went to school at the University of Ottawa where I received an H.Ba. in Science-Human Kinetics.  I am a certified Spin Instructor, Personal Trainer, and a 500hr E-RYT Yoga instructor.  I want to encourage others to enjoy life in every moment and have gratitude

for all we have. I love life and am so excited to share mine with you.

My Story

I am first and foremost a wife and mommy of 3 boys. We are a true Canadian family where both my husband and boys play ice hockey.  I followed my husband for 12 years as he pursued his dream career, as a professional athlete, this was very challenging

but also inspiring.  

At first, trying to fill my days was a challenge, but it forced me to look a little deeper into my own purpose and personal growth. Trying to stay true to myself  and to do something that reflected who I am, I started to personal train others.  Being an avid gym and fitness girl, I thought this was appropriate.  I then got into spinning and became a spin instructor – again, doing what I loved and sharing it with others.  I felt really good about what I was doing, encouraging others to get fit and better their lives.

I started to go to Bikram yoga classes, because I had some injuries I needed to stretch out.  I was not flexible at all! I had never stretched and my body was so tight and unbalanced.  Seeing small improvements, just after a few classes, I was hooked.  After practicing on and off for years, I wanted more.  After having 2 children, finding balance in my life seemed impossible.  I needed to spend some uninterrupted time focusing on myself.  I decided to take a break from my family duties and go to Mexico and take a month long yoga teacher training.   This is where I truly found yoga and it was life changing.   Yoga is so much more than stretching out tight muscles and joints.  It’s about living your best life and having gratitude; connecting the mind with the body on the mat and using this connection to experience life.   It is having a permanent peace/union with the divine and being able to “still” the changing states of mind.   

After a few years of  teaching, practicing and self discovery, I decided I needed to go to the roots of the yoga tradition by going to India.  In India I studied a month long Vinyasa Flow Yoga and the Rajanaka Tantra.  Being in India really opened my eyes to living amongst chaos and going with the flow. I felt, for the first time in a long time, completely balanced.  I was overflowing with gratitude for everything the world has to offer.  Yoga has made me a better person; it has helped me figure out who I am.    My journey as a hockey wife has helped me discover my purpose.  My purpose is quite simply to share my energy and love for life.  I do this by being a mother, a wife, a friend; by sharing my personal training, spinning, yoga and whatever else I enjoy.   Aside from all the physical benefits, Yoga, to me, is having gratitude and a love for life, each and every day, and then sharing it!   

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